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We offer our services to all customers and welcome the opportunity to bid on your laser and other metal processing Projects

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► Consistent Quality
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At Western Fabrication it is our mission to continue providing our valued customers with quality metal processing services with consistency and efficiency

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Fiber Laser Cutting
Coz Laser Cutting

High volume and customized low volume metal processing

CRS Plate

Stainless Steel

High-speed processing of thin and thick materials


What metals do you offer?

Western Fabrication offers many metals matched to an extensive list of manufacturing capabilities to suit your needs.

What is Urethane Casting?

Urethane Casting is a process of printing a “master pattern” using PJ3D or SLA to create a mold of silicone gel, which will then be used to cast identical parts using a urethane. Parts manufactured with this process require tooling, a master pattern, and the urethane part material.

Why won’t my file upload to the instant quoting site?

Western Fabrication can interpret a variety of 3D CAD file types for instant online quoting. If you are uploading your file and having trouble, please consult the troubleshooting instructions.

What does RFQ mean?

RFQ stands for “request for quotation”. If you upload a file that can’t be automatically quoted, it becomes a RFQ.

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